Bubble Light

Many different types of bulbs in decoration. Of living baseball size bulbs in the smallest of lights, virtually any type of bulb you can imagine is available for purchase and display. One of the unique types of decorative lights is the bubble light. The bubble light began as a Christmas decoration, but is now also for other holidays and special occasions as well.

The decorative light bladder is a device filled with liquid from a vial. An incandescent lamp is used to heat the bottle and provide the light. The liquid in the vial is typically used methylene chloride, which has a very low boiling point. Even the small amount of heat generated by the bulb enough to make the liquid form bubbles. The light generated by the lamp lights, the bubbles formed from below that causes it to shine and was very popular with Christmas decorations from the 1950s through the 1970s.

First in Manchester, England in the late 1920s, manufactured by Telson Electric Company. Christmas bubble lights were patented in 1944 by Carl Otis in the U.S.. They were first to the public in 1946, introduced by one of the largest manufacturers of Christmas lights, Noma. Other manufacturers began later with bubble lights as well, but Noma was the main producer of this popular decoration.

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