How Color Wash

Color washing is a beautiful but simple painting style, which is great for home decorating beginners. It adds dimension and texture effects on smooth surfaces such as the walls of your home. Traditionally gradients were created with oil glazes, but more eco-friendly companies have begun to produce an equally effective water stains. This effect can be paint with any color and offers a variety of design options.

Here are simple step-by-step instructions on how to color wash your walls:

Before you begin
Collect your color and materials necessary before you begin your project. Always be sure to practice your technique on a sample board before. Along the walls of your house This gives you the chance to get used to the process, and see how the finished product will look like on the color before committing.

This simple method of painting is loved by beginners and professionals alike for its subtle and refined look. How to wash colors, remember to avoid overloading the paint for this technique. The understatement of the finish is what the style. They develop tonality and depth with colors in similar shades. With a flat gloss topcoat gives a fresco / stucco look.

To wash color, you need to purchase the following at a local hardware or craft supply store:

- Paint tray and plastic containers
- Latex and latex glaze colors (look at your primer and topcoat colors)
-Water bottle
- Structured materials such as gauze and sheepskin
- China bristle brush

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