Lighting Through the Ages

I have recently how lighting has changed and evolved through the centuries, from far superior to become like the quality of light, how to have style and design introduced as an important factor sought. The first artificial lights were primitive, as I’m sure you would have expected. Once people discovered the fire and how to create and manipulate it, they were then able to design lights using hollow stones, moss or grass and animal fat as fuel. These initial designs were perfect for use in caves and all night and could provide the essential light for use in hunting or even evade predators or enemies. Lights like these were used as rough around 70,000 BC.

Coming forward even 63,000 years we have discovered the signs of early Greek pottery lamps. The Greeks are known throughout history for their innovation, technology and inventions, many believe that they were well past their time. These lights used cloth wick with rendered fat or oil as fuel, and were the first candles are used.

The year 1784 was the first year that coal gas was used as fuel, lighting, which was a big improvement over previous versions. This served as the first modern and contemporary style light that would serve for almost a century. The next innovation came to Germany in 1853, as they are very different, we introduced the first kerosene lamp to now.

1879 saw the introduction of the first successful incandescent Bulb – we knew it was reinvented. By the end of the 19th Century electric lighting has been steadily replaced gas lighting until the end of the 20th Century, when electric lighting was ultimately sovereign. In the current climate we have a number of different types of electric lights of many different functions, each particular light was designed and manufactured to do a different job. We now have a very large lights such as floodlights and many small and portable pocket lights – so basically there is something specific for every need and want.

Style and design has a stronger weighting why we won certain lights, even though it never exceed the practicality of light, people will look at it more, if you are looking to buy. There are now many different brands to choose from, each with their own signature styles and designs.

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