Paint your Home Exterior

Painting at home like a monstrous task, but with the right tools and a few tricks of this project can be very simple. Putting fresh paint on your house you will be home a whole new fresh look that. Last for years Armed with a little knowledge you home is sure to look with color that will last great.

Exterior Paint comes in two basic forms: water-based latex and alkyd oil. Latex is easy to clean, does not have a strong odor and dries quickly, where as dry alkyds not easily removed from surfaces, the smell of solvents and slowly. At first glance you might think that the choice between these two types would be a no-brainier, but latex is chosen by many professional painters because it dries with very few brush strokes, is stain resistant and durable. If you are a handyman for the first time or amateur, it’s probably best to stick with latex paints. Always make sure the instructions on the side of the container read. The label will be on prepping instructions to remove the surface and how accidents.

Prepping paint surface is one of the key steps in conducting a home project. For the best results, the color needs to be successful on a surface, the cover stick without obstructions such as dirt, mold or other debris. The fastest and easiest way to prepare for an outdoor painting project is, the power wash any dirt and old cover from the surface. If you do not have a pressure washer, you can usually rent them from a local hardware store. Always read the safety instructions for your pressure washer and take all necessary safety precautions. After switching washing at home, you should take the time to see any putty to fill small holes. If the old paint is in good condition, you should be able to roll it over without any problems. Scrape and sand any spots where you can see paint flaking or blistering.

After all that prepping your ready to apply the colors of your choice. The best way to apply the paint is to use both a roller and a brush. The roller will help you speed but large areas while you can cover the narrow faces and edges brush. They do not wait too long before Goring wide and narrow areas, because the paint to dry unevenly and you will not like the finished product. Always start from the top and spill project on lap times to avoid brands.

Painting at home seems like a lot of work but it really is a fun and easy project that will leave you with a major change that will last for a few years.

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