Painting a ceiling

Once everything is complete, painted on the ceiling, you do not want to have covered … First make sure that all loose List from the ceiling a blue tack, sellotape, bubble gum, dead flies and spiders, cobwebs, etc. etc removed, no holes filled, and considering the top is a good wipe down with sugar soap. (This is fat and no chemical residues like cigarette smoke off things).

Get a good, strong, large container or sink right color and pour your color into it. I would suggest that it is not a good idea to use a silk or semi-gloss on a ceiling, since these versions really show up all your brush strokes and inconsistencies on the surface. So do not use this destination unless you’re a really good painter.

With a large, fluffy rolls on a rod that should be rinsed with warm water and allowed in the first place, more or less dry (it will absorb your paint better this way), primarily the role of load so that it is well and “full” color, then apply it to the ceiling, starting at one corner and working conditions of the space from one end to the other. Use to move a continuous uniform measures to roll back and forth.

With more color than you think is necessary and do not let dry out the role. When it begins to be hard work, you are probably not enough color.

(Use a matt finish emulsion – the best quality you can afford)

Go around the lights with a brush. If your role does not get right into the corners with a brush here. You can do this before or after doing roller. Really, it does not matter. Many lamps of the base screw is in the ceiling.

Do not lose track of where you are getting when you stop for coffee. White on clean white can be difficult. Then again, if you’re painting it, your ceiling is probably not too clean, so forget that bit.

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