Raised Floor for Computer Room

The raised floor computer room is for increased spring flooring upon the typical marble or concrete, or any other flooring. It is also referred to as raised computer floor raised access floor or the computer room floor. The flooring comprises of raised access floor panels of metric size 600 x 600 mm or U.S. Imperial size 24 “x 24″. These plates are made of steel and welded construction filled with wood or lightweight cement. They are supported by adjustable support bases among them. The space between the raised computer floor and standard floor allows you to other services such as power, data, telecom, air conditioning ducts, fire detection -, environmental control, suppression, security, etc. run the panels from the bottom are removable and allow access to the systems under the floor.

Wood core raised access floors are the most popular choice for most of the people. Such surfaces are covered with PVC or HPL tile, so in order to resistant to any wear or tear. If you to want to opt for water-resistance, can be used for carpet covered RA spring flooring instead of Woodkern opt double bottom. You can even go for perforated raised floor, if you want ventilated spring flooring.

Raised floor access is very useful. Some of the key benefits are:

Cooling: The temperature of the computer room is higher than the rest of the building in general. It is very important to maintain the optimum temperature for the proper functioning of servers and other equipment maintained. These floors have unique cooling ability, which brings down the temperature of the computer room. The floor offers space to the conditioned air to be distributed under the equipment. Diffuse channels and tiles are carefully placed under the floor to circulate air conditioned and have a cooling effect.

Fire Suppression: All the data of all organizations on computers in stored data centers these days. These data are indispensable and highly valuable. Data centers always require a huge amount of power to operate. They even contain high density of circuits and cables. Thus, the risk of fire in these centers is continually high. You can not depend on just smoke detectors, sprinkler heads and fire extinguishers to fight the fire.

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