Tips for Installing Your Cabinet Knobs

Install knobs on your cabinets should be the finishing touch, installing a new kitchen. A cabinet door from 5 basic pieces, center plate, top and bottom rails made​​, and two side rails.

You may ask yourself, “Where am I and how the button?”

The answer is simple, you set the regulator where it looks the best.

When we installed kitchens in stock, we stopped this answer simply and drilled the holes 3 inches from the bottom of the door and centered in the beam.

For your own cabinets, it may be better to drill your hole in a different place.

Keep up the door knob and see where it looks best. It may work better to drill your hole at the junction of the side rail and the bottom rail. Sometimes it is best to have the underside of the button at the top of the bottom rail.

Hold button at the point you want and make a mark where your holes are placed.

Use a 3/16 “drill bit for drilling the hole. Use painters tape on your door, and measure from the floor and the side to make your brand to drill the hole. Having all the doors are open, the door labeled and hold a piece of plywood behind the door. Thereby the drill tearing of the wood, when it goes through the hole to hold.

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